Flying guests

We will be able to welcome 40 aircraft per day on the 11th and 12th of August. Arrival is between 08:30 and 10:30LT. Start from Dala-Järna may take place no earlier than 1 hour after the airshow, approximately 17:30LT. Landing time is booked via Tickster and available times are shown there as well.
We also have the opportunity welcome some aircrafts on Friday (10th) or earlier for those who want to park and visit the entire event. On Friday you can land until 12:00LT. For those who come Friday or earlier, the aircraft will be parked and it is not possible to move them during the weekend. These arrivals are also booked via Tickster.

Important information for visitors flying in:

Expect to operate the aircraft on grass, although we have asphalt, we may not be able to use it

Parking and taxiing will only be done on grass areas

No camping at the aircrafts is allowed, we refer to other accommodations

There is no opportunity to have fuel in Dala-Järna during Flygfesten

Booking of landing time includes entrance for pilot, other passengers buy entrance tickets on site or get them here

After completed purchase of landing time:

Mail the following information to
- What landing time you have booked
- Type of aircraft
- Registration
- Persons on board
- Time for departure
- Pilots telephone number
- Email to pilot

We take no responsibility for your aircraft during your visit, everything is at your own risk throughout the weekend, by purchasing a landing permit you accept this.

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