Friday evening

For the first time in Sweden, Flygfesten invites you to a spectacular air show during the evening. You will experience twilight airshows with fireworks, visit our dance floor and beer tent or see some of our live performances. This will be an evening to remember! 

Gates open   5:00PM  
Airshow   7:00PM-10:00PM   
Entertainment   10:00PM-1:00AM  
Prices (SEK)  Online ticket   On site ticket
Airshow, child Free entrance  Free entrance
Airshow, 12-17 years 150:-  180:-
Airshow, adult* 270:-  300:-
Entertainment, after 10PM Only on site  150:-
Weekend ticket, 12-17 years 450:-   500:- 
Weekend ticket, adult  850:-   1000:-

Weekend ticket valid for all entrance during the weekend

*Entrance for Friday valid until 1:00 AM


Blackwing is today's most advanced Ultralight designed and manufactured in Sweden! The Next Gen airframe combines convenient side by side (120cm wide!) seating with high-end tandem performance. No more compromises needed. The full prepreg carbon airframe is the lightest and strongest in it's class.


Zlin-526 was originally designed in 1959 and more than 1,400 Z-526s were manufactured, many for military and private flying schools. The Z 526's layout was organized with the pilot in the rear, and the student in front. At Flygfesten Mats Olsson flies his eccentric Z-526

Tiger Moth

de Havilland Tiger Moth is a two-seater English biplane designed in the 1930s for use as a school airplane. The aircraft operated in many countries' air force until the 1950s, and still many operates privately. At Flygfesten we will see a group of three Tiger Moth's!

Scandinavian Airshows - Two ship formation

Scandinavian Airshows puts their amazing aircraft Thor and the Pitts S2B in a classic advanced aerobatic display with smoke system into their natural element. In a freestyle, the air show public is invited to watch a 3D gyroscopic aerobatic show with a lot of smoke and manoeuvres in two ship formation. They will perform both on Friday's evening airshow and Saturday and Sundays airshow.

Scandinavian Airshows -LLP 

Scandinavian Airshow presents its world unique, breathtaking and exclusive L.L.P. (led-laser-pyro)night show. The flight display, light & pyro is synchronized to music and with a pyro/ laser show it will be a night to remember!

Johan Gustafsson Airshows - Thorp T18

Johan Gustafsson Airshow's latest addition to the 2018 Airshow season is his Thorp T18, which is specially designed for evening shows with LED lighting, and of course he will perform with his Thorp T18 at Flygfesten. Johan is world champions in advanced glider aerobatics, but now he shows what he is doing with his new engine airplane!

JAS 39 Gripen

You haven’t missed that JAS 39 from the Swedish Air Force will come to Flygfesten and do a spectacular airshow with JAS 39 Gripen?! In addition to Saturday and Sunday's airshow, Gripen also flies on Friday evening's air show. Do not miss the chance to see Gripen ignite EBK in the dusk.

Model airplane

Daniel Casselby is multiple Nordic champion in RC planes. At Flygfesten, he flies his Pitts Challenger II in a half-scale. It is a wooden building kit from Germany. With an engine of 20-horsepower and 14 servons and weight of 25 kg, he controls his model aircraft from the back in various acrobatic maneuvers.

Scandinavian Airshows

Scandinavian Airshows and Jacob Holländer presents one of the world's most powerful air show aerobatic biplanes - THOR. Airshow pilot Jacob Holländer puts this amazing aircraft into its natural element. The air show public is invited to watch a 3D gyroscopic aerobatic show with a lot of smoke and manoeuvres, to mention something.


Håkan and Jasmine, speaker duo of Flygfesten. They guide us throughout the whole weekend and with their 86 years of combined flying experience with both military and civil background it's easy to keep up.

TP84 Hercules

The Swedish Air Force will show TP84 Hercules! When talking about military transport flights, most Swedes tend to instinctively think of Hercules, the four-engine workhorse with cargo ramp at the rear of the aircraft body. And in fact, the Lockheed Martin C-130, the officially name of this aircraft type, has a special relationship with the Swedish Armed Forces. Sweden has flown Hercules since 1965 – longer than any other European country. The Swedish Air Force first leased the Lockheed Martin C-130E Hercules, early March 1965, and then received the Swedish military designation TP 84 Hercules.

Only Friday

Johan Gustafsson - SZD-59 ACRO

Do not miss Friday's airshow!
Except Saturdays and Sunday's airshow Johan Gustafsson flies on Friday evening airshow with his SZD-59 ACRO. Johan has become famous around the world for his outstanding glider aerobatic airshows. You will see a very nice evening airshow performance by Johan in Dala-Järna which also is his home base. Johan is two time world champion in Advanced Glider aerobatics.


After Friday's spectacular evening air show, CCriders attends and offers an evening with varied repertoire with all the best from the 60's and 70's to much more modern songs.

Twister Aerobatic Team

Formed in 2010, the Twister Aerobatic Team have performed at events across Europe and the Middle East showcasing the highly efficient Silence Twister aircraft. The Team are very versatile performing daytime aerial ballets and unique, sparking evening displays with specially developed pyrotechnic effects streaming from the aircraft's wingtips.

Team 50

TEAM 50 is a Swedish civil aviation group founded in 2012, consisting of the airshow pilots Niklas Eriksson, Tord Grönvik, Curt Cronerud, Alf Ingesson-Thoor and Tommy Hansson. The group flies SAAB Safir, both individually and in formation 2, 3, or 4-group. The airplane SAAB Safir was used by the Swedish Air Force as a school, training, transport and reconnaissance airplane between 1946 and 1993. During the cold war, the Swedish Air Force grew a lot, and the need for more pilots required new demands on a new school airplane. In 1952, Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann was replaced with SAAB Safir as a school airplane and received the military designation SK 50. The aircraft are historically painted and labeled as they once appeared when used in the Swedish Air Force. The name "TEAM 50" is a combination of the military designation SK 50 and "team" - "TEAM 50".
At Flygfesten they fly both Friday's evening show and Saturday and Sunday's airshow!


From Denmark, the RVators formation team! With a group of 6 RV-aircrafts they will perform a nice formation flight with smoke on both friday evening airshow and saturday's and sunday's airshow. 

Marek Choim Extra 330sc

Marek Choim from Poland, will participate at Flygfesten, in Dala-Järna, Sweden! He arrives with his Extra 330SC, one of the world's greatest aerobatic aircrafts. Marek will fly both on Friday evening airshow - with pyrotechnics, and on Saturday's and Sunday's airshow with smoke in the wing tips.

Flying Dragons Team

The Flying Dragons Team from Poland; with 6 paramotors they will perform a uniq display on friday evening airshow with pyrotechnics and lights and saturday's and sunday's airshow with smoke and various choreographic maneuvers.

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