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Book the weekend 5-6-7 of August 2022 in your calendars for the next edition of Flygfesten!

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The Royal Jordanian Falcons

All the way from Jordan comes the military group The Royal Jordanian Falcons. They are a well known team at international airshows world wide and they have a reputation for precision, professionalism and spectacular performance.
The Royal Jordanian Falcons team presently consist 4 new Extra-330 LX aerobatic aircraft, one of the world's best aerobatic airplane.


SK 60

SK 60 will perform at Flygfesten!
Before the pilots of the Swedish Armed Forces fly JAS 39 Gripen they have spent many hours side by side with an instructor in a SK 60, or Saab 105 as the planet is called in its civilian version. The two-engine skateboard has been the foundation of all flight training for pilots since the 1960s.



In the middle of Dala-Järna with walking distance to Flygfesten we have two own campsites. The concept is simple and the price fixed - Come early and stay longer and it will be cheaper. Be sure to secure a place at the campsite already! First grinder - limited number.

Foto Cred: Lisa Jardemyr


TP84 Hercules

The Swedish Air Force will show TP84 Hercules! When talking about military transport flights, most Swedes tend to instinctively think of Hercules, the four-engine workhorse with cargo ramp at the rear of the aircraft body. And in fact, the Lockheed Martin C-130, the officially name of this aircraft type, has a special relationship with the Swedish Armed Forces. Sweden has flown Hercules since 1965 – longer than any other European country. The Swedish Air Force first leased the Lockheed Martin C-130E Hercules, early March 1965, and then received the Swedish military designation TP 84 Hercules.



YAK 3 was considered one of the most successful aircraft in World War II and had performance to compare with Spitfire and Mustang. Because the size was slightly smaller than its competitors, it became smoother and powerful despite the fact that the engine was not the best. At Flygfesten 2018, in Dala-Järna, Sweden. Rick van der Graaf comes with his Yak 3U from Holland!


Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team

Maximum discipline, focus, confidence and teamwork skills are essential for success of the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team, for many known as the greatest aerobatic team in Europe. With one of the world’s greatest aerobatic airplanes they will perform a unforgettable airshow!

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