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Book the weekend 5-6-7 of August 2022 in your calendars for the next edition of Flygfesten!

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Marek Choim - Extra 330SC

Marek Choim from Poland, will participate at Flygfesten! He arrives with his Extra 330SC, one of the world's greatest aerobatic aircrafts. Marek will fly both on Friday evening airshow - with pyrotechnics, and on Saturday's and Sunday's airshow with smoke in the wing tips.


Flying Dragons Team

The Flying Dragons Team from Poland; with 6 paramotors will perform a uniq display on friday evening airshow with pyrotechnics and LED lights and saturday's and sunday's airshow with smoke and various choreographic maneuvers.


Flygfesten 2018

Flygfesten in Dala-Järna, Sweden, is one of Europe's largest airshows. You will see everything from WW1 pioneers to our top modern airplanes of today, there's something for everyone! Although the airshow is our main focus area, our goal is that Flygfesten should be more than just an airshow, with beer tents, dance floors and live performances in the evenings we want to invite a weekend. New for 2018 is a spectacular airshow on Friday night.

Video credit: Jesper Rådegård, André Ihlar and Per Elofson


Happy new year

Flygfesten wishes everyone a happy new year!
Now we are longing forward to August! 


Merry Christmas

Flygfesten wishes you a Merry Christmas


What is your best memories?

Some Flygfesten memories last longer than others. In 1996, Royal Air Force was visiting us for the second time with two Harrier. What is your favorite Flygfesten moment? Please share it with us in our social medias

Harrier 1996

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