Västerdalarnas Flygklubb is once again pleased to welcome you to Dala-Järna
and another edition of the airshow!

Flygfesten 2021

We are very sad to announce that we need to cancel Flygfesten 2021 due to Covid-19, stay safe and we hope to see you in 2022.

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Håkan and Jasmine, speaker duo of Flygfesten. They guide us throughout the whole weekend and with their 86 years of combined flying experience with both military and civil background it's easy to keep up.


Jurgis Kairys

The legend Jurgis, he has been to Flygfesten since 2003 and has become an icon that is often talked about in the context of Flygfesten and he always impresses on the crowd! Jurgis Kairys is one of the world's best airshow pilots, with his World Campion medals in the Unlimited class, Jurgis is 66 years old, and comes from Lithuania. Jurgis has been the test pilot for the big Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi. 


Johan Gustafsson - SZD-59 ACRO

Do not miss Friday's airshow!
Except Saturdays and Sunday's airshow Johan Gustafsson flies on Friday evening airshow with his SZD-59 ACRO. Johan has become famous around the world for his outstanding glider aerobatic airshows. You will see a very nice evening airshow performance by Johan in Dala-Järna which also is his home base. Johan is two time world champion in Advanced Glider aerobatics.



After Friday's spectacular evening air show, CCriders attends and offers an evening with varied repertoire with all the best from the 60's and 70's to much more modern songs.



The Air Force Museum Helicopters from Linköping will participate with two HKP-5. HKP-5 was the Air Force main training helicopter from the mid 1980s until the late 1990s, when this helicopter system was discontinued.

The HKP-5 is very maneuverable due to its small size and can be tactically operated in low altitudes and using the terrain to avoid detection. The rotor diameter and the length also cause the helicopter to land on small surfaces


J35 Draken

Saab 35 “Dragon” is a one-engine Swedish hunting aircraft developed by Saab for the Swedish Air Force. The aircraft was in military service for over 40 years in four European countries.
Around 1950, Sweden realized that a hunting plan was needed to intercept the new nuclear bombing aircrafts. The aircraft would be equipped with radar and it would be able to fly faster than the sound. In addition, it would have a very good climbing ability, long range, endurance and ability to carry the weapons required for the mission.

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